Cat Friendly Certified, Fear Free Veterinarian in Carlisle, PA

The Healing Paws Veterinary Care promise is a thorough and kind experience. Taking the time to listen to you (and your pet) while being thorough in our examination, pain assessment, and diagnostic testing means that we can find answers and solutions that keep your friend living longer and more comfortably. Our Cat Friendly and Fear Free certified team knows that, as your pet’s advocate, you deserve to know and understand what is happening with your friend, and keeping your pet relaxed during their visit means more reliable answers and better medicine!

You have chosen us to care for your pet because they are a part of your family and so we treat them as if they were our own! Call us today to learn more at (717) 462-9480.

NOTICE: We are not currently accepting new dog patients. We suggest you visit the American Animal Hospital Association and Fear Free sites' veterinarian locators to search for veterinarians who may have openings for new dog patients.

What You Can Expect from the Healing Paws Veterinary Care Experience:

  • Double length appointments with the veterinarian - we never double book!
  • Fear Free and Cat Friendly certified handling methods that customize your pet’s experience to what makes them most comfortable
  • Caring, respectful, and kind interactions from a care team that you quickly learn to know
  • Thorough detailed communication explaining your pet’s findings and care
  • Proactive care - regular examinations, diagnostic testing and dentistry allows us to avoid your pet hiding symptoms from you and make pain and illness easier to treat when they do occur

Woman-owned Healing Paws Veterinary Care is a small, local business that is incredibly grateful for our blessings and we are dedicated to giving back to our community. Every time your pet receives a Rabies vaccination at our practice, we donate a lifesaving vaccine to local shelter pets. We also work with several charitable partners to decrease our “carbon pawprint” to keep this world a better place for our families and yours - no matter how many legs they have!

Get to Know Our Veterinary Team

Dr. Tracy Sands and her team are passionate about working together with you to be sure that your pet lives a longer, more comfortable life. Our team members are Fear Free Certified and Cat Friendly Veterinary Professionals, which means they’ll go above and beyond to deliver outstanding care and an unforgettably positive experience. We truly enjoy pets, people, each other and our careers and we look forward to meeting you too!

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Our purpose is to help pets live longer, more comfortable lives and our promise is a thorough and kind experience…. we spend a lot of time with families and their pets because we are passionate about finding a diagnosis and a plan that works for them. The joy we get from getting to know you and your pet is an added blessing!


Why We’re Cat Friendly at Our Animal Hospital

Cats are unique, special creatures who demonstrate physical and mental stress in very different ways than dogs and humans. Dr. Sands has been a kitty lover since she could walk and is known as a “cat whisperer” around here - she’ll help you know what your friend needs to be healthy on the inside and live a longer, more comfortable life. Our Cat Friendly Certified team is trained in kitty body language (and snuggles) and our clinic includes cat-only exam rooms and waiting areas as well as many other touches such as special treats, spa music, cozy cubbies, and climbing walls so that your friend can relax with us. You’ll find that veterinary care at Healing Paws is a truly unique and pleasant experience for you both!

If you happily share your life with a feline family member, feel free to call us at (717) 462-9480 to learn more about Cat Friendly care.

Focused Veterinary Services

Healing Paws Veterinary Care is home to all the veterinary services your pet needs for a healthy, pain-free life. Our primary services include:

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We provide age-based wellness services for cats including examinations, diagnostic screening lab tests, nutrition consults, parasite control, spays, and neuters. Proper wellness care means longer, more comfortable lives! Is getting your cat to the vet difficult? We can help with that too!

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Medical Care

Information is the key to good medical care. We look for real answers and solutions through exam findings, test results, and more. We take time to understand not just how your pet is feeling, but why.

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Your pet’s oral health is connected to their quality of life. Our animal hospital offers complete dentistry including dental hygiene procedures, dental X-rays, and oral checkups.

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Pain Management

We help you know if your pet is hiding pain and then make it better! We create tailored pain management plans that include laser therapy as well as a combination of medical, surgical, nutritional and supplements to keep them comfortable.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Join the Healing Paws Team

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