Finding the Why: In-Depth Pet Medical Care in Carlisle, PA

At Healing Paws Veterinary Care, we believe information is the key to providing the best pet medical care. Our veterinarians aren’t looking for quick fixes; they are looking for answers and solutions. With a thorough review of your pet’s health history, a nose-to-tail examination, diagnostics, and time spent getting to know your pet, we can better understand not just how your pet is feeling, but why they are feeling that way. Whether they have allergies, diabetes, arthritis, or heart disease, Healing Paws is committed to understanding your pet’s unique situation and doing whatever is needed to help them live the fullest, healthiest life possible.

Are you noticing a change in your pet? Do you feel that your pet may have an undiagnosed or untreated condition?

cat needing pet medical care

Symptoms Requiring Medical Attention for Your Pet

Our pets can’t tell us if they’re sick or injured, but changes in their habits and/or behaviors could indicate a problem. If your pet is showing any of these clinical signs, please turn to Healing Paws Veterinary Care so we can help:

  • Persistent coughing or sneezing
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea or constipation
  • Reduced activity or lethargy
  • Dermatological problems, including rashes and excessive itching
  • Difficulty with mobility, including limping or reluctance to move
  • Unexplained weight loss or loss of appetite
  • Frequent vomiting
  • Behavioral anomalies (hiding, clinginess, vocalizing)
  • Trouble urinating/blood in urine
  • Difficulty passing stool/blood in stool

The Scope of Our Medical Care

The quality of equipment we use, and the breadth of our team’s knowledge means we can tackle a wide variety of medical cases with our services. These cases include:

Internal Medicine

For pets dealing with intricate health conditions, we can diagnose and treat ailments related to major internal organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and digestive tract. Our focus is on delivering the most accurate diagnosis and formulating a fully tailored treatment plan.

Injury Treatment

Injuries can range from a simple laceration to a potential bone fracture. Our team is trained to evaluate all manner of injuries and provide treatment that offers the best chance at a full recovery.

Geriatric Care

Senior pets can present unique medical challenges. Our services include care that is aimed at enhancing your senior’s quality of life while managing their age-related symptoms effectively. Pain management and mobility support are common factors in the care of senior pets.

Dermatological Care

Skin issues can cause significant discomfort for our pets. At Healing Paws, we’re more than experienced at identifying, diagnosing, and treating a broad range of skin problems, including dermatitis, parasites, ear infections, autoimmune disorders, and skin growths. Skin conditions can be stubborn to treat, but our team is equally stubborn at resolving them and giving your pet relief.

Regardless of the condition your pet is experiencing, know that Healing Paws Veterinary Care can help. We’ll work with you to figure out the cause of your pet’s illness and discomfort and explore the best treatment options for their needs!