New Cat Clients in Carlisle, PA

Your experience at Healing Paws will be different—it will be thorough and kind, and you will be given plenty of information. We will do everything we can to make sure you understand what is happening with your cat.

If you have any questions before getting started with us as a new client, please contact us at (717) 462-9480!

What to Expect

At Healing Paws, we believe in building a strong client-practice relationship. We are here for you beyond your scheduled appointment time; know your questions after the visit are not only welcomed but encouraged. Our client care team is accessible via our virtual app, email, or phone so you can be sure you are getting answers from someone you trust. With Healing Paws Veterinary Care on your pet’s team, you don’t have to reach for a search engine to find out what is best for your cat. Just message us and we will help you know what is best specifically for them!

A Low-Stress Experience

Our team members are all Fear Free certified and many of them are Cat Friendly certified as well. These certifications mean our team spends extra time studying the best techniques to make your cat’s visit as low-stress as possible. They have passed tests showing they truly know how to read your cat’s body language and adapt to provide them with what they need for a good veterinary experience.

The Exam

When beginning our nose-to-tail physical exam on your cat we like to ease them into things slowly. Your cat may need a little time to get used to us, and that is okay. We are fully equipped with treats and fun distractions and will allow your cat to explore the exam room as they wish to make them feel more comfortable.

We want your cat to bond with a staff member as their friend and we truly enjoy watching them do so. Sometimes, just like us humans, your cat may need some anxiety medications to overcome their nerves about car rides or vet visits, and that’s okay, too! Our doctors are Fear Free certified and specially trained to prescribe the right protocol to help your cat relax so they can also get the thorough exam and care they deserve without having to be scared or mishandled. We are dedicated to making sure every patient at Healing Paws Veterinary receives thorough and kind care – they’re your family.

To learn more about first exams at Healing Paws, give us a call at (717) 462-9480.

Gold Cat On Staff Shoulder

New Client Application

New Client Form

Visit our New Cat Client Page to learn more about what to expect from us and then submit your new client application.

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Other Responsible Party (second pet parent in home, or if a single pet parent family your emergency contact person)
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Photo/Name Release: Healing Paws likes to use images of our client’s pets to demonstrate the care and attention that they receive here. When pets are happy and calm during treatment and care, it helps other pet owners to see how enjoyable veterinary care can be. Healing Paws will never share images of pets during the last moments of their lives, and we use discretion in the images taken and shared. We only use pet names and not owner names in our content. By signing below, I hereby give Healing Paws the right to use the name, video, and photographs of any of my pets in connection with its website and any promotional materials in any and all media, including, but not limited to, printed material, internet, social media, and film for display, public relations, and marketing. I hereby acknowledge receipt of adequate consideration and waive the right (i) to charge or be compensated for the use of the pictures, and my pet(s)’s name(s), and (ii) to inspect or approve the images prior to any form of usage. I understand that the images may be modified to use as design elements
Professional fees are due in full at the time of services rendered.

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Deposits: Non-refundable deposits are required for illness appointments, first new client visits, in-patient appointments, and anesthetic procedures.

Estimates: At your request, we will gladly discuss the cost of services and/or prepare a written estimate for recommended procedures and treatments. Our goal is to provide your pet with thorough care that also fits your family's needs. We believe in recommending the best for your pet and your family - if you desire an estimate, please request one before authorizing procedures being performed.

Cancelled Appts: We ask that if you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, you do so greater than 24 hours of your appointment (72 hrs for anesthesia appointments). With the exception of emergency, management deemed extenuating circumstances all appointments that are canceled or rescheduled within 24 hrs of the appointment time (72 hrs for anesthesia appointments) or are no shows will be assessed a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee must be paid in full before rescheduling the next appointment in these situations.

Returned Checks: We charge a $100 fee for returned checks. This returned check charge and the client balance must be paid in full before scheduling any further appointments.

Failure to Pay: In the event you refuse or otherwise fail to make payment owed for services rendered by us in caring for your pet, you are responsible for any and all costs of collection incurred by us, including attorney's fees, to collect payment(s) from you.

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