Cat and Dog Vaccinations and Microchips - Tailored Plans in Carlisle, PA

Wellness care for your pet should be a tailored approach, not a one-size-fits-all policy.  At Healing Paws, we carefully choose only the purest, low volume, non-adjuvanted vaccines and offer titers before immunization when appropriate.  We are committed to following the American Animal Hospital and American Feline Practioner’s Associations’ guidelines to customize the best immunity plan for your pet.  Because we know how much your pet means to you, we recommend microchips so that they can be identified in the case of fire or accident and our microchips read their temperature as we know nobody likes a rectal thermometer.  Your pet’s safety and comfort matters to us in every situation!

Maintain your pet’s protection against harmful diseases so they can thrive and stay healthy.

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Cat and Dog Vaccines That Prevent and Reduce Disease

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Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety with Vaccines

Your pet’s safe and effective vaccine protocol is based on their lifestyle, risk, age and health status.  We use the most current, science-based guidelines provided by the American Animal Hospital and American Feline Practitioner’s Associations to determine what is the appropriate protocol and frequency of vaccination for your pet.

It is normal for your pet to be sore or tired after being vaccinated, as their system is doing its job to build  immunity. These symptoms are normally mild and should not last longer than 24 hours. If your pet is quite sore and rest and an ice pack do not make your pet comfortable please call us at (717) 462-9480 so that we can help. If your pet is experiencing one of the unusual, but possible, side effects of facial swelling, vomiting, hives, diarrhea, or difficulty breathing please immediately call the 24 hr emergency center SHORES at 717-798-8500.

Cat and Dog Microchipping

A microchip is a permanent, lifelong form of identification for your pet that can increase their odds of being reunited with you if they ever get separated. We offer HomeAgain microchips for dogs and cats, and their application is quick, easy, and virtually painless. Clients and pets love that our microchips accurately tell us their pet’s body temperature.  This means no more rectal thermometer when your pet doesn’t feel well - we can just hold the scanner near their body and know if they have a fever!

Cat and dog microchipping is a simple procedure similar to receiving a vaccination or an injection and has no side effects. We can microchip your pet while they’re being vaccinated, or while they are under anesthesia for a dental or surgery - just let us know! After your pet is microchipped, you need to register your name and contact information into the HomeAgain database to ensure that if your pet is lost, found by a good Samaritan, and scanned, that their microchip serial number can be traced straight back to you.