Urgent Vet Care & Emergencies in Carlisle, PA

If your pet is having a serious emergency outside our business hours, we recommend contacting SHORES Veterinary Emergency Center at 717-798-8500. SHORES is staffed with highly experienced and compassionate emergency vets and technicians who are available 24 hours a day to provide critical care.

Should your pet need to go to SHORES, know that their team will provide us with a thorough record of their care recommendations and treatments provided to your pet. That will help our doctors know all about your pet’s situation and be equipped to provide excellent follow-up or long-term care as needed.

During Business Hours

Call us at (717) 462-9480

Established Clients
We will triage if your pet should have an urgent appointment with us or go to an intensive emergency care facility.  We’ll help you know which will give your pet the best outcome!

New Clients:
We do not have urgent appointments for new clients.  Please call one of the numbers below: