Pet Wellness Exams & Proactive Care in Carlisle, PA

You want your pet to feel good and to be by your side for as long as possible, and so do we! Of all the recent medical advances, nothing has added more years of quality time to patients’ lives than early detection of disease through wellness care and testing. Exams combined with diagnostic screening tests tell us about your pet’s health inside and out so that together we can create a proactive health care plan for them.

Is your pet healthy inside and out? Would you like to be proactive in their health care?

Key Elements of Pet Wellness Care

Healthy pets need examinations and screening tests to keep track of what is going on inside and to be proactive in keeping them healthy. With regular wellness exams, we can keep track of how they’re doing and more easily notice subtle changes that might indicate the onset of illness.
There are several key components of pet wellness care that our veterinarians recommend for every patient

  • Regular physical exams & checkups
  • Routine laboratory diagnostics to screen for organ diseases, viruses, parasites, and more
  • Oral health assessments and teeth cleanings
  • Pain assessments to ensure your pet is living comfortably
  • Recommended vaccinations to maintain your pet’s protection
  • Balanced, age-appropriate nutrition
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Weight and body condition assessment
  • Parasite prevention

Your pet’s wellness visit is an opportune time to talk about their physical and mental needs. With our help, you can better understand your pet and the treatment recommendations we suggest to give them a better life. We are always here for you and are happy to answer all your questions!

cat during wellness exam

Why is Nutrition so Important?

“You are what you eat” isn’t just a saying; it’s a fact! And the quality of your pet’s nutrition is essential to their health at every stage of life. Additionally, as your pet grows and ages, their nutritional requirements will change, too, making routine wellness visits and conversations about nutrition all the more important.

If your pet is consuming a poor-quality diet, their health and even appearance will likely show it. Pets can be more at risk for certain health conditions if they are deficient in essential nutrients. A healthy, balanced diet enhances your pet’s health and quality of life and can prevent certain diseases from ever taking root.

Parasite Prevention

Parasites are everywhere, but their threat to your pet can be greatly reduced with high-quality pest preventatives. Healing Paws Veterinary Care offers a variety of preventatives to protect your companion from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms. We recommend starting your pet early with their parasite prevention because they can be vulnerable to infection at a young age. It is normal for kittens to require deworming at their initial checkups, so we strongly recommend routine parasite screening to make sure your pet is staying protected year after year!

Wellness Screening Diagnostic Tests

Regular testing of urine, feces, and blood tell us so much about your pet’s hidden internal health. Testing urine (urinalysis) tells how the kidneys and urinary system are working as well as looking for evidence of other diseases like diabetes. Testing stool looks for parasites that can be contagious to humans and tells us about your pet’s intestinal health. Blood tests look for signs of anemia, tick borne disease, heartworms, and detect early changes that can indicate impending metabolic and hormone disorders. We also offer cancer screening for pets. Early disease detection before signs occur means that we can make changes in nutrition and home care to manage conditions before your pet feels unwell. With early detection, we see our patients living much longer lives than we ever have before!

Healthy Teeth = Healthy Pets

Dental disease and pain is one of the things that healthy pets hide most commonly from their owners. Did you know that 75% of your pet’s tooth structure lies under the gumline where you can’t see it? Just like humans, pets require professional dental cleanings regularly in addition to daily home tooth care in order to keep their mouth healthy. A healthy mouth means a longer, more comfortable life!

Proactive wellness care leads to pets living longer, more comfortable lives. Let’s give your pet the long, healthy life they deserve. Schedule a wellness visit for your best friend!