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A muzzled dog is not a bad dog! Dogs wear muzzles for a variety of reasons to keep humans and themselves safe. A dog may wear a muzzle because:

  • They have a habit of eating non-food objects like sticks, socks, rocks or toxic plants that could be fatal or cause them to need surgery
  • They are nervous around other dogs or people and wearing a muzzle give people a cue to give them space
  • They may need treatment for a painful injury
  • They my be unpredictable with guests or other dogs in the in the home
  • Their owner may just want them to be used to wearing one incase they ever need it in the future

Our certified veterinary technician Amanda’s own dog Ooffie, wears a muzzle when she is in the yard unattended because she has an unpleasant habit of eating stool. Any dog can learn to wear a muzzle. With time and practice, it can become as familiar to your dog as putting on their collar or leash.

Types of Muzzles

Start with the right type of muzzle. The type of muzzle you use will be different depending on your dog’s breed, size, and what the use for it is. Basket muzzles are recommended as they do not restrict your dog from panting or drinking while wearing it. Here are a few basic types of muzzles:

Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


  • Has holes for easy treat delivery while wearing it
  • Will attach to your dogs collar and has a head strap to keep the muzzle secure
  • Will fit most muzzle shapes


  • The large openings may not be ideal for dogs that are wearing it to prevent them from ingesting objects
  • The head strap may take extra training for your dog to get use to (the muzzle will still fit if you elect to cut this strap off)

Italian Basket Muzzle


  • One strap that clips behind the ears
  • Smaller openings can keep them from picking up objects


  • Not as easy to feed treats through, although the muzzle can be pre-loaded with treats or a soft spreadable treat can be slipped in the side

Jafco Muzzle


  • Tends to fit short nosed dogs
  • Light weight so it may be less irritating for sensitive dogs


  • Small opening can make giving treats difficult
  • Not a lot of sizing options

Buma’s Muzzle


  • Custom made to fit your dog and can me modified based on what you are using it for
  • Tons of color options to make it attractive and fun
  • High quality material


  • Takes time to order as they are all custom made
  • They tend to be a bit on the expensive side but can be a great investment if your dog will need to wear a muzzle frequently.

You might also find after you start training, the muzzle you picked might not be working as well as you had hoped. Keep an open mind and remember that getting the right fit can take some trial and error. Here at HPVC, we use the Italian Basket muzzles and we would be happy to let you bring your dog in to get the right fit before your order!

Muzzle Training

Once you have selected the right muzzle, training can begin! For information on training, visit: They have many videos on how to introduce your dog to a muzzle. Start by going to the Muzzle Training tab on their website and then read the document “The Muzzle Up! Project’s Muzzle Training Plan” to get started.




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